A well-built children’s area starts with paint and a playful theme, and then provides so much more for the whole child!

Designing for the Wellness of the Whole Child

A well-built children’s area requires paint, a playful theme and a functional, inviting, safe environment that makes children of all ages and abilities feel included – the whole child. Thoughtful design considers all of


Inclusion is an essential component of thoughtful design. Children’s areas should be designed for the enjoyment of children and families of all ages and abilities. Consider including features for the hearing-impaired child, wheelchair-accessible benches, or sitting areas in proximity to the play areas so adults can watch their children enjoy themselves. Half panels are great examples of multi-level play because they allow kids in wheelchairs or smaller children to be part of the fun happening with the kids on an upper level.

Whole environment 

Children’s environments should focus on design, location, and safety. Well-thought child-friendly areas are aesthetically pleasing and flow with the rest of the space. Regardless of the location within the area, space should be designed to make families feel safe. This means providing a clear entry/exit point and clear visibility so parents can see their kids. This allows parents to feel confident and relaxed in the space while the kids have a fantastic time.

Whole child development

Intentional indoor play areas focused on the whole child include features that activate the imagination. Having a crow’s nest and a telescope can set the stage for a pirate adventure. Play with others can be intimidating for some children. Provide design elements that soften this barrier, like benches or cozy spots, for children to observe before joining the other children. Add looping patterns to help encourage the ability to be able to try, fail, and then try again. Features like a small climb up to a platform, and then a slide down allow the child to run around to try again. Musical elements have numerous benefits for the developing child, including expanding communication and imagination.

Working with a design partner specializing in intentional design is the best way to make sure your children’s area benefits the whole child. Worlds of Wow is a design firm and team of artists, problem solvers, and makers committed to the idea that intentionally designed spaces have the power to build community and connect families.

Give us a call to learn how your space can be intentionally designed to include the whole child joyfully impact the whole family.