We all want our children’s dental office experiences to be pleasant. An inviting space with plenty of fun distractions layered with calming elements can help eliminate stress and lead to a joyful experience. Meet the needs of your tiny patients, by being thoughtful and intentional with your design for your dental office.

So how can you create excitement in your patients? Rewards!

Rewards for being a good patient can come in many forms – playing video games, climbing through playgrounds, taking a selfie with a mascot for social media posting.

Fun distractions can help kids leave their stresses and nerves at home. Whether it’s a themed movie theater or a giant tree slide, distractions can be fun for little patients AND their parents. Couple distractions with calming themes and elements so patients aren’t overwhelmed. Underwater and nature-themed spaces are relaxing for the whole family. Upbeat themes, like the rodeo, can also have relaxing elements like comfortable seating. Kids stay at ease and are entertained, and so are adults.

Thoughtful and purposeful office design elements

Dentist offices can be sterile, which can scare and intimidate children. An intentionally designed office can feel welcoming and can keep spirits high so kids don’t dread return visits. Creating a space that makes kids feel excited can make a huge difference in how they take care of their teeth and their willingness to attend appointments.

There are plenty of ways to design your space, and each design should be unique to you and your clients.

1. Understand who you are and who your clients are.

Pick a theme in line with who you are. This part isn’t always easy, so our professional team of designers and consultants will work with you to figure it out together.

Bring your concept to life, the right way

Your great idea could flop if you don’t have the right team of contractors and builders to make it a reality.

Our team is highly trained and great at what they do. We believe in making dreams come true.

Some of our favorite themed offices

Childrens Dentistry of Murfreesboro

Children’s Dentistry of Murfreesboro mixes the calmness of the beach with the excitement of technology. This space features cohesive elements from the ceiling to the floor. When children step into this office, they are transported to a whole new underwater world with so much to look at and play with.

“Our office is specifically designed to stimulate and entertain children to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. We have taken every effort to ’think like a child‘ when designing our office. Our reception area was designed just for children, with video games, puzzles, and books. We have a huge collection of children’s movies playing on our big flat-screen TVs, toys, puzzles, and books. Your child immediately senses that our office was created for their comfort.” -Children’s Dentistry of Murfreesboro

Children’s Dentistry of Murfreesboro clients agree

“Our family has used Children’s Dentistry for several years, and we have always had a great experience. The kids love the kid-friendly atmosphere with the video games in the lobby and the overhead movies going during the exam.” – Natalie B

“So, so awesome. Thankful for the experience and my three-year-old, who had become TERRIFIED of the dentist after multiple bad experiences, walked out saying, ‘He’s a good dentist!’ and planning her next balloon animal. Thank you guys so much!!! Highly recommended.” – Elizabeth Anderson

Rodeo Dental, Texas

Worlds of Wow has redesigned multiple Rodeo Dental offices throughout Texas. This theme is perfect for little Texans because it’s something they already know. The color palette is colorful but muted enough to create a calm atmosphere.

Rodeo Dental’s design strategy is terrific, allowing us to fit several entertainment opportunities into a small space without making it feel cramped or crowded.

The owners of the Forest Hills and Pasadena locations wanted to add some urban elements. The mascot is seen driving a bus on the outside of the play structure and in the window graphics. The decor includes brick, streetlamps, and graffiti.

“‘What makes your practice different?’ Why the FUN of course! Rodeo Dental staffs dentists, endodontists, oral surgeons, pediatric dentists, and orthodontists. Our team operates with the collective belief that dental visits should – and can – be fun! In addition to investing in state-of-the-art technology, we also work regularly to provide educational and fun programs to kids, teens, and families in the communities we serve.”

– Rodeo Dental

Rodeo Dental clients love the offices

“I love coming to this dentist a lot. They’re super professionals and are efficient in what they do. My kids love it here, great entertainment. They always have different activities for the kiddos. Great prices and also amazing job. Highly recommend :)” -Teresa Castro

“The best part about this office is, unlike others, they have an arcade and movie theatre! Wow” -Amber Soria

“Rodeo Dental is a great place to bring your children and even adults can attend. Love the atmosphere of this dental office.” -Marie Lopez

Oak Park Family Dentistry

At Oak Park Family Dentistry, WoW made the office itself feel like it was integrated into a forest, rather than the other way around. While the tree slide is a great play space for tiny and bigger kids, forests are, by nature, calming. This is exactly why they are a perfect design element for a typically stressful environment for children, such as a dentist’s office.

Oak Park customers enjoy the elements

“The most wonderful experience with my two-year-old. They are so attentive and did their best to make him feel comfortable, which is hard at that age. They did an amazing job. The place is so kid-friendly and fun – doesn’t even seem like a dentist’s office. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a dental place for kids!” -Alyssa Matthews

“Everyone is so helpful and patient! It was my son’s first cleaning and Dr. Gelman worked with us till he was comfortable enough to let her clean. Such a nice office! There’s a Tree slide while you wait and stickers when you leave!” -Shelly Scanlon

Summerville Pediatric Dentistry

With Summerville Pediatric Dentistry, we created an immersive experience by bringing the treetops onto the ceilings. These small and easy details can make an environment much more exciting and immersive for kids. The children of Summerville love to take pictures with our alligator character and the comfy seating is perfect for the parents. This office is a great example of how a theme doesn’t have to be too childish to be fun for kids. It can still look professional and put together.

Summerville clients happy to visit the fun dentist

“My son was scared to go to the dentist so I sought out the most fun-looking pediatric dentist I could find. I was not disappointed. From the time we walked into the door, there was a very welcoming atmosphere. With all the neat things to look at and play with my son had very little time to think about the appointment being scary. The person who did his X-rays and cleaning was great. She was very patient with him and made the whole process seem fun, which is an amazing thing when it comes to being at the dentist. I was there with three kids and all of them felt comfortable and actually happy to be there. Everyone was great from the doctor to the counter people. We will be back and we will recommend Summerville Dentistry & Orthodontics to everyone we know.” -Rachael C

“A wonderful staff and a beautiful facility that is filled with very kid-friendly eye-candy and activities. They took great care of my two-year-old daughter Layla!” -Ryan Pimentel

Wantagh Seaford Pediatric Dentistry

Near Jones Beach State Park on New York’s Long Island, a beach-themed office is a comforting and recognizable environment for Wantagh Seaford Pediatric Dentry’s patients. The murals of familiar scenes are calming, fun and distracting for the kids sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Wantagh Seaford clients enjoy the calm environment

“Wonderful experience from the moment we walked in. This was our 20-month-old’s first time at a dentist. The front desk staff was very nice and the waiting room is very child-friendly.” -Tori Zucker

“My children and I love coming here. The staff is always friendly and warm. The atmosphere is very child-friendly. Along with the amazing wall art, they have toys and tablets available.” -Tenesha Davidson

Success comes from thought and effort put into concept and design

Not every theme would be right for your business, but there is one that will be perfect. To find that perfect theme and have it executed exactly how you picture it, it’s important to work with professionals who can guide you every step of the way.

Give us a call to discover how you can update or renovate your children’s space to reflect your brand and vision and create a safe, inclusive space that provides play for all!