Hey guys! We know that Summer is here and lake days are among us, but with all of this unpredictable weather, how can we not appreciate being in the indoor play industry! And if your business is located in the northern part of the United States, where tourism spikes during the wild winter months, you're probably already brainstorming ways to keep business booming and visitors entertained on days you're all snowed in. Investing in an indoor playground for your business is a fantastic solution.

On average, it can take up to 4-6 weeks to design a custom indoor playground. Starting your project now ensures your installation date will be near the Fall, just in time for the coldest  months of the year!  

Over the next 7 weeks, we will be releasing a comprehensive step-by-step guide to walk you through everything you need to know about planning, budgeting for, and marketing your new indoor playground, making sure it’s a hit with all kids and parents alike.

Here's what you can expect:

Week 1: 3 Benefits of Indoor Playgrounds
Before diving into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about why adding an indoor playground is a smart move for your business.

Increased Foot Traffic
According to a study by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), family entertainment centers that include indoor playgrounds see a significant increase in foot traffic. The study found that facilities with indoor playgrounds experienced a 30% higher attendance rate compared to those without. This increased foot traffic not only boosts your revenue but also creates opportunities for cross-promotion with other businesses in your area.

Revenue Generation
Speaking of revenue, indoor playgrounds can be a lucrative addition to your facility. With various revenue streams such as admission fees, birthday party packages, and concessions, indoor playgrounds can quickly become a profitable venture. The IAAPA reports that family entertainment centers generate an average of $1.2 million in annual revenue, with indoor playgrounds contributing a significant portion of that income. Plus, hosting events like themed parties and special activities can further increase your revenue potential.

Community Engagement
Indoor playgrounds can become a hub for community engagement. By hosting events, workshops, and family-oriented activities, you can create a sense of community and loyalty among your visitors, making your business centered around families creating lifelong memories. Community centers, children's museums, and healthcare facilities can particularly benefit from indoor playgrounds as they provide a space for families to connect, socialize, and participate in educational programs. This sense of community can lead to increased membership, repeat visits, and positive word-of-mouth marketing.


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Week  2: Planning Your Indoor Playground
Planning is crucial to ensure your indoor playground meets the needs of your target audience and fits within your space and budget constraints.

Identify Your Target Audience
Knowing who you’re catering to will influence your playground’s design and features. Are you targeting families with toddlers, school-aged children, or a mix of both? Each age group has different needs and preferences.

Space Assessment
Evaluate the space you have available. Consider factors such as ceiling height, floor space, and accessibility. The space will determine the type of equipment you can install and how you can arrange it for maximum safety and enjoyment.

Theme and Design
A themed playground can create a more immersive experience. Whether it’s a jungle adventure, a space odyssey, or a whimsical fairy tale, choose a theme that aligns with your business’s brand and appeals to kids.

Safety First
Safety should be your top priority. Ensure the design meets all local safety standards and guidelines. Use non-toxic materials, soft flooring, and incorporate plenty of padding to minimize injury risks.

Week 3: Budgeting for Your Indoor Playground
Budgeting accurately is essential to avoid unexpected costs and ensure the project is financially viable.

Initial Costs
Initial costs include design, equipment, installation, and any necessary renovations. On average, you can expect to spend between $150 to $300 per square foot. For example, a 2,000 square foot playground could cost between $300,000 to $600,000.

Insurance is another crucial component. Work with your insurance provider to ensure you have adequate coverage for liability and accidents.



 Week 4: Choosing the Right Equipment
Selecting the right equipment is key to creating an engaging and safe playground.

 Age-Appropriate Equipment
Choose equipment that is suitable for the age range of your target audience. For toddlers, consider soft play areas, small slides, and interactive panels. For older kids, climbing structures, tunnels, and obstacle courses are great options.

Inclusive Play
Ensure your playground is inclusive. Include equipment that accommodates children with disabilities, such as wheelchair-accessible ramps and sensory play areas.

Durable Materials
Invest in high-quality, durable materials that can withstand heavy use. Equipment made from reinforced plastic, steel, and other robust materials will last longer and provide better value for your investment.


Week 5: Installation and Setup
With your plan in place and equipment selected, it’s time to install your playground.

Professional Installation
Hire professionals to install the playground. They have the expertise to ensure everything is assembled correctly and safely.

Layout and Flow
Consider the layout and flow of the playground. Ensure there is enough space between equipment for children to move around freely and safely. Designate separate areas for different age groups to prevent overcrowding.

Safety Inspections
Once installed, conduct thorough safety inspections. Check for any sharp edges, loose parts, or other hazards. It’s a good idea to have a certified playground safety inspector evaluate the setup, if you did not use a company with playground installation experience.

Week 6: Marketing Your Indoor Playground
Now that your playground is ready, it’s time to let people know about it.

Social Media Campaigns
Leverage social media platforms to spread the word. Share photos and videos of the playground, highlight its unique features, and promote any special opening events or promotions.

Media Coverage
Local media coverage can significantly boost the visibility of your indoor playground. It lends credibility to your business and reaches a broad audience. Plus, parents who might not be on social media will still hear about your playground through traditional media channels.

Host an Opening Event
Plan a grand opening event to attract families. Offer free entry, giveaways, and fun activities to create a buzz and draw in crowds.


Week 7: Maintaining Your Indoor Playground
Keeping your playground in top shape is essential for safety and continued customer satisfaction.

Regular Cleaning
Implement a regular cleaning schedule to keep the playground hygienic and inviting. Pay special attention to high-touch areas and use child-safe cleaning products.

Routine Inspections
Conduct routine inspections to identify and address any wear and tear. Replace worn-out parts promptly to prevent accidents.

Update Features
To keep the playground fresh and exciting, consider updating features periodically. Adding new equipment or rotating themes can keep families coming back for more.

Adding an indoor playground to your business can be a game-changer, especially during the winter months. It not only attracts more visitors but also enhances the overall customer experience. By following this step-by-step guide, you can plan, budget, and launch an indoor playground that’s safe, fun, and a valuable addition to your business. So, get started today and watch your business thrive this winter!

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we dive deeper into each step and give you amazing tips and tricks to help along the way! If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. We're here to help you create an amazing indoor playground that kids will love and parents will appreciate. Happy planning!

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