As churches around the country begin to reopen their doors to the public and host in-person services, church leaders everywhere are looking for ways to grow their congregation. If this applies to you, look no further.

An inviting Children’s Ministry is an excellent way to grow your congregation, and the fact that many churches are still closed to the public presents an opportunity to reimagine your children’s playful spaces. Here are a few ways revitalizing your Children’s Ministry can benefit your church:

Retain and grow attendance

When churches do open their doors to the public again, odds are there will be plenty of families searching for a church to call home. If you have an outstanding, kid-friendly environment, kids will not want to go anywhere else once they’ve been to your church. If the kids enjoy their experience, parents will choose your ministry every time.

Increase program offerings

In addition to renovating the playful spaces within your Children’s Ministry, you can remodel the classrooms to allow for more community outreach programs and study opportunities. Multi-use classrooms provide the space for Bible studies and small groups, but they can also serve a purpose throughout the week with special children’s programs and parents’ night out.

Encourage people about the future

Considering the difficulties people have had during the pandemic, it would be reassuring to many churchgoers to see their church continuing to improve and evolve. A commitment to your Children’s Ministry and the people in your congregation shows that your church is still committed to supporting and providing for its community. For many, a return to normal social interactions will be a scary and difficult transition, so a lively and inviting Children’s Ministry can reduce the anxiety that parents might have and make your church the go-to place for the community.

By turning your Children’s Ministry into a fun, safe space to play and learn, you’ll be able to grow your church with increased revenue, attendance, and involvement from members. Give us a call to get started today.